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NFT School For Artists

An Artist’s Guide To Creating And Selling Non-Fungible Tokens, Building A Community And Making A Living With Digital Royalties Even if You Have No Experience

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Master NFTs And Build A Flourishing Art Business Even As A Begineer

If you’re struggling to make a livable income from selling your art, NFT (short for Non-Fungible Tokens) may be your ticket to turning your passion into a full-time career. NFTs have taken the Internet over the past two years and when we talk about NFTs we mostly think of digital cartoons such as apes, punks, etc.

NFTs are making it possible for millions of artists (and amateur artists) worldwide to sell their art to high-paying collectors all by themselves. There is no need for art dealers, galleries or auction houses. But, if you plan on making money by creating and selling your own NFT artwork, first you need to know how NFTs actually work.

This guide will give you all the steps and everything you need to start making money with NFTs and make a living from your art – even if you’ve never heard of NFTs before!

Guide That Helps You Building A Business Around Your Art

Whether you’re completely new to blockchain or a full-time artist, this book will show you all the ins and outs of transforming your artwork into money making NFTs.

In this book you will discover:

  • What NFTs really are and why people are paying millions of dollars to collect them
  • The 5 factors that determine the value of any piece of NFT art
  • The true value of NFTs for art collectors – what you’re actually getting when you buy an NFT
  • 8 bulletproof marketing strategies for building awareness around your NFT project
  • The “invisible” reason why crypto millionaires invest in NFTs instead of traditional assets
  • What every artist needs to build before they even think about listing their first NFT for sale
  • Why you shouldn’t sell your NFTs on a marketplace if you don’t have to
  • The two types of NFT buyers and which ones you should focus on selling to
  • 13 of the most popula NFT marketplaces for selling NFT art and how to figure out which platform is right for you
  • The top 10 for “minting” your first NFT – make sure you add this to your NFT collection
  • The secret to creating a million-dollar art business to fund a comfortable lifestyle and future retirement
  • And much more


What Readers Are Saying?

“Very Informative Book! A Must Read For Valuable Insight Into NFTs”
“Great Product From A Great Vendor! Would Strongly Advise Anyone With Even A Mild Interest In The NFT Market To Invest In This Book!”
"This book cleared up a lot of the mysteries of NFTs. It shows that they are not some mystical fantasy. I particularly like the way the information was presented in a step by step manner; relating NFTs to other, real-world art."
A. Schettino


What Readers Are Saying?


Who is NFT ArtXpert

NFTartXpert is the inspirational company behind NFT School for Artists. Each member of the team is an expert in their field, and they all share one common goal: to help others turn their passion for art into a sustainable vocation.

Founded by a young entrepreneur, NFTartXpert is passionate about helping young artists do what they love and make a living from their artistic talent. At the core of their ethos is the principle that people should live their dreams, and not find themselves sucked into a lifetime of doing something they don’t love.

NFTartXpert is a young US-based company with a vision to make the world a better place through art. The inspiration behind it came from its founder’s personal experience when his young cousin, who struggled with severe depression, started pursuing her dream of making a living from her art.

Although the company is based in the USA, the man behind the vision hails from Croatia. He is an experienced entrepreneur and runs a successful family business alongside NFTartXpert. He loves to travel and spend time with his friends, family, and girlfriend, all of whom fuel his personal fight against anxiety. His experience with mental health challenges and his passion for helping others continue to drive NFTartXpert forward with the view to making the world a better place.